About us

Our mission

Our mission is bold and unique: everyone should experience sexual health. That's why we've incorporated the most ground-breaking technology into our sexual health devices, elegantly designed and available at affordable prices.


Sexual health for all

Everyone has the right to discover their own sexual potential and the pleasure it brings. That's why we've designed the most inclusive collections available to all - regardless of sexual preference, socioeconomic background, age, gender or skill level.

Our ever-increasing variety of devices democratizes sexual health while meeting every need and desire—especially those you never knew you had.


Our beliefs

We believe that sex is a creative expression and that every gender expression is infinite and non-binary.

You project your feelings and what you want to reveal. With that in mind, we use terms like "he" and "she" as descriptors to help guide you to the best product for you and your body - you are the artist and we are your medium!


Great quality at a very low price

We believe sexual health should never be a matter of income. Our high-quality and elegantly designed products are available at affordable prices, ensuring that everyone who wants to experience it can.


We never stand still

We are committed to creating the most pleasing multi-sensory experience for consumers and are constantly developing new sensory experiences. We keep feedback and wishes or our fans in mind when developing over 200 new products. We appreciate your continued inspiration!